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Posted on June 8, 2011

Patient Bob Powell using a blanket warmed in the Lions Blanket Warmer, with Nurse Unit Manager Gwenda McDermid and Lions Club Peter Donghi.

Patients undergoing exhausting and draining treatment in hospital will benefit from a $4200 donation from members of the Hinkler Lions Club which was donated to the Bundaberg Health Services Foundation.

The money has been used to purchase a blanket warmer for the Bundaberg Hospital’s Day Therapy unit.

Health Services Foundation chairman Janet Tallon said the donation would greatly help oncology patients and those receiving infusions for other medical conditions in that unit.

“It is tremendous to see one of our local service clubs wanting to provide such a large donation that will benefit so many local people,” Mrs Tallon said.

Nurse Unit Manager of the Day Therapy Unit Gwenda McDermid said that chemotherapy was a particularly exhausting and draining experience for cancer patients and gifts like this would help enhance the patient’s comfort and support during recovery.

“Chemotherapy patients and those receiving infusions for other medical conditions often become incredibly sensitive to the cold due to the liquid medication that is slowly dripped into the patient’s blood stream,’’ she said.

“Most patients feel cold after the first 30 minutes or hour of treatment, so having these warm blankets will provide the extra physical warmth they need.’’

“Cancer touches the lives of a lot of local people and while it might only seem small, having a warm, cozy blanket will make a big difference when they come and spend their time here receiving treatment.

Hinkler Lions Club spokesman Peter Donghi said the club raised the funds locally to purchase the piece of equipment.

“A lot of local people have helped contribute to provide this medical equipment by purchasing our Lions Christmas cakes,’’ he said.

“We heard that the oncology unit needed a blanket warmer and knowing that cancer touches so many lives we wanted to give where it would be needed most,’’ he said.


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