Testimonials from patients who have used Rotary Lodge has been positive:

Having no car it was so conveniently located close to the hospital. It was a shock having my husband admitted unexpectedly. It was such a relief to be able to come back to the Lodge each night.
Jan Bell

The Lodge is very homely and it certainly helped me financially as I wasn’t expecting mum to be hospitalised for over a week. It really is wonderful it has been a home away from home during a very difficult time. Everything was just great. Thanks so much for such a wonderful place to stay. Very much appreciated.
Walt Ariens

Congratulations on the provision of a city home from those in need of a less expensive place to stay when needed.
Des & Betty Mergard

House is well-appointed, clean, neat, affordable. A very welcome addition to the community especially when an emergency admission is made to the hospital and one finds oneself in Bundaberg with only the clothes on your back and enough stress to fill a semi-trailer.
Helen Gow

Avoca State School students describe their visit to Bundaberg Hospital and how it felt to buy equipment to help sick children:

I thought that it was really fun seeing what we got for the hospital. It felt like I was helping millions of children.
Matthew Eichmann

I thought it was fantastic to see how the hospital helped the kids in the Children’s Ward. I saw how the equipment Avoca State School bought for the Speech Pathology helped the kids which was great.
Lauren Blackwell

After buying the equipment, I felt great knowing we’d done something to help all the sick kids at the hospital. I felt good after the trip to the hospital because I knew what our money was being put into.
Jessica Kiss

I thought the day was awesome because we got to see inside the hospital and the fairy garden. I enjoyed learning about teaching children how to speak properly in the talking and listening room. I felt happy when we bought the magnetatalk kit because it could help a lot of kids to talk and listen.
Dillon Whalley

The day was magnificent! Some of the best parts of the day were the smiles on the hospital workers faces, seeing how the magnetalk set worked and seeing the playground, the playroom and the fantastic fairy garden. I felt really proud of my school and happy that we made a difference to the lives of some children. Also I felt motivated to let other people know how they can help.

Grace Lloyd

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